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    Zsa Zsa the creator of Z Tattoo

    Meet Zsa Zsa Mattsson, owner and editor in chief of Z Tattoo. She was born in Copenhagen and holds the town close to her heart. She is an entrepreneur, career woman, self-taught journalist and photographer – with a massive love of tattoos and body art. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to let people know when there is something she can’t suffer. Probably one of these people who you either love or hate, but in her own words: ”If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything”. And, above all, she is the mother of a lovely boy of ten years, who she calls the light of her eyes. Welcome to the new homepage of Z Tattoo. 

    FOTO Mikkel Laumann www.mlaumann@gmail.com
    Makeup & Hair: Vintage Styling Salon
    Instagram @vintagestylingsalon
    Clothes: Emmy Design www.emmydesign.se
    Shoes Memery www.memery.co.uk
    HATS: Polished Raven www.polishedravenhats.com

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