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    Vintage Pin Up Art  by Sveta Shubina

    The Russian illustrator Sveta Shubina is 27 years old, and makes amazing vintage style 1940s cartoon illustrations by mixing hard drawing and digital media.

    Have you gone to art school ?
    Yes, I graduated from the Southern Federal University of Arts and Architecture with a degree in Graphic Design. After graduation I’ve been working as a graphic designer for a long time until I met my partner Manar and we launched our clothing brand Hobo and Sailor.

    The women you draw are hot, strong and often have a lot humor, can you tell me about them ?
    I’m impressed by vintage sleazy postcards and sketches from Humorama magazine. I love how mid-century artists showed sexy women in a funny cartoonish way. This was something I wanted to reproduce in my works. Girls in my illustrations are different, they can be sexy, seductive, funny, angry, silly or strong.

    Let’s talk about your poster, ”Taxi Driver”, inspired by the movie with Robert De Niro. Is that one of your favorite movies ?
    ”Taxi Driver” is not my absolute favorite movie but it is for sure one of the greatest movies of all time and I love it. Concerning the poster, my idea was to redraw posters of modern movies in a vintage pulp style. At first it was just a practice of coloring and work with texture layers, a sort of break between drawing pin up girls, but lately it turned into a very nice series of illustrations and they became rather recognizable. Now I’m going to continue with it.

    Your have made a poster called ”Death Becomes Her”. Can you tell me about that?
    I stumbled on a She-monster poster and I loved its composition, then I accidentally watched the ”Death Becomes Her” movie and realised that it would be cool to add a vintage touch to the well-known movie. Moreover the female characters there are so gorgeous.   

    Your style reminds me of 1940s comics, what is it about that time that inspires you ?
    My passion is history. I always loved old things old books and clothing. Due to well-known events in the 40s, this period has a very special place in the life of every Russian and I am no exception. This period was a time of the most beautiful advertisments, propaganda posters, flyers and other materials. It’s an eternal source of inspiration for me.

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