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    Sol Nova is Cheyenne`s latest rotary machine

    The Sol Nova is Cheyenne’s latest rotary, combining the best of each Cheyenne machine into one sleek package. Cheyenne’s Sol Nova is a durable and robust machine that offers perfect balance, thanks to the weight being shifted to the front. It’s a powerful and versatile machine, great for a range of styles from dot work to colour realism. The Sol Nova’s 3.5mm stroke makes it ideal for both lining and shading.


    The Cheyenne Sol Nova is a light yet powerful pen-style rotary tattoo machine. It runs very quietly with minimum vibration. The powerful brushless DC motor packs a punch, resulting in faster ink saturation – although its quiet and soft operational mode means that it still remains gentle on the skin. This smooth and soft running allows for a faster healing process. The Sol Nova is relatively short with most of its weight shifted towards the front, making it a perfectly balanced machine, offering optimum control and accuracy. Comfortable to hold, its wide grip helps make the Cheyenne Sol Nova a very easy tattoo machine to work with. Compared to the Cheyenne HAWK Pen, the Sol Nova offers more power and softer handling, while being just as easy to cover for hygiene and safety purposes.

    The Cheyenne Sol Nova is a great all-round rotary tattoo machine. Featuring a 3.5mm stroke, it is ideal for precise lining, as well as soft shading. The motor will start running on very low speeds (25Hz) so the Sol Nova can be used for a wide range of different styles, including Black & Grey, dotwork, and colour realism. Simply use the Sol Nova on low frequencies for dotwork and realism, and on higher frequencies for fuller and more intense lines.

    The Sol Nova can be used with the included 33mm grip or with Cheyenne’s disposable Round D-Grips and One Inch D-Grips.


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