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    It’s all about inner balance.

    Inner balance and joy are key words in my life. Every day I try to do something nice for myself, and my way of doing this is taking a walk. Some people do yoga, others worship some sport … Me, I love taking walks in Copenhagen, love the pulse of the city and our lovely parks. Recently I went to HC Ørsted’s Park for a walk, savoring the light of the fall and the pretty red and yellow colors of the leaves in the trees. Taking these walks is something that I’ve always done and they help me to oversee what’s important to me in life. They give me energy and it’s also there I make plans for many articles for Z Tattoo. 

    Your body is your temple and it’s important to take care of it.

    Body and mind go together and therefor it’s also important, during my walks through the streets and parks of Copenhagen, to have some sensible footwear on. I’ve recently discovered the Danish shoe brand Nature, making cool and environment friendly shoes for both men, women and children. I’m nuts about their retro style and all of their shoes, boots and slippers in pretty colors. I think their shoes are so gorgeous and when you’re wearing them it’s like walking on clouds. My feet are loving it.

    PHOTO Kirstine Ploug www.kistineploug.eu
    Hair & Makeup: Vintage Styling Salon 
    Clothes: Mondo Kaos






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