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    Fight Less Fuck More.

    Z Tattoo has for the whole of 2018 been using the slogan ”Fight Less Fuck More”, and let different tattoo artists draw flash for the magazine with their interpretation of the phrase. Included Peter Althoff from Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen, and Siggy from Death or Glory – also from Copenhagen. Siggy was assigned to do both a flash and a t-shirt design. On top of that, he drew and tattooed an interpretation on my hip. Very symbolic: a cranium with the peace sign painted on its helmet and the words ”Fight Less Fuck More” as a banner. Which leads me to the story of what this slogan means to me personally.

    As a child, I was very afraid that a war would break out in Denmark. This fear took up a large part of my young life, but fortunately we in Denmark have been spared the ordeals of several great human conflicts. Sadly violent wars and terror in the world outside have become regular features in the daily new. We can’t see a way out of it, but maybe we can make an effort to be less judgmental and more loving. Permit each other to be who we are, not judge by appearance, let happiness loose, love a little more and not least: ”Think with your heart”, which will be Z Tattoo’s slogan for 2019. So, dear readers, you can look forward to even more nice interpretations by competent tattoo artists.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

    Zsa Zsa

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