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    Civiliants is a Swedish kids brand based in Stockholm. Anna and John, both with a past from the fashion business as models and creative designers, founded the company in 2016. They saw a need for kid clothes that had attitude and that didn’t was so mainstream. They were tired of the traditional market and wanted good quality, organic cotton and really, really cool, urban, streetwear clothes for the kids.

    The first collection was launched at the end of 2016 and was received with a lot of attention and hoorays.

    “It was a magic feeling when we released the first collection, all the positive feedback about something that can be compared to having a baby. It was awesome!” says Anna.

    Every collection since then has been made in cooperation with artists that have done cool prints for the clothes.

    This autumn collection is inspired by the cool art of tattoos: “We have lost track of how many times we bought temporary tattoos that have been rubbed on the kid’s arms and hands…” says John with a big smile. (That’s a thing they do a lot this couple; smiles. They seem truly happy about what they do)

    So – with cool prints on the clothes, made by the famous tattoo artist Kristoffer “Don Cash”, do they now hope to appease the worst “must-have”-urge among all the curious kiddos. With strong colours and cool prints do they feel that it’s time to rock on into the autumn and winter of 2018! 🤘

    Check it out at www.civiliants.com

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