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    Wipe Outz Cleansing Tattoo Towels

    Wipe Outz Cleansing Tattoo Towels are the first gamma-sterilised tattoo wipes designed to wipe the skin during the tattooing session.

    Two versions are available: Wash and Dry.

    The Dry Tattoo Wipes offer a safer alternative to paper towels and are highly absorbent and durable, meaning that they will not break up during tattooing.

    The Wash Tattoo Wipes are soaked in a soothing anti-bacterial and anti-microbial wash, helping to reduce the risk of contamination while promoting healing of the skin.

    Both types of Wipe Outz tattoo wipes are sterile, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and biodegradeable.


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