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    The tattooed woman in The Round Tower

    One of my favorite places in Copenhagen is the The Round Tower built by king Christian IV, who designed its round walls. I even have the Round Tower tattooed on my leg, because I simply love this amazing tower and I am born and raised in the center of Copenhagen close to it. So one winter’s day, I met up with the Danish photografer Kirstine Ploug and dressed up in fine clothes from one of my favorite shops Mondo Kaos in Copenhagen, where we did this story about the tattooed woman in The Round Tower in Copenhagen.

    On the top of The Round Tower you will find Copenhagen`s most charming view 34.8 meters above street level. The Round Tower was finished in 1642 and is today one of Copenhagen’s most charming attractions. It was built as a platform for the university observatory and for centuries it was the centre of Danish astronomy.

    The stunning spiral ramp that circles 7 ½ times around the tower’s hollow core is the only way to the top. Halfway up the tower you will find the Library Hall, wich is a venue today for exhibitions, concerts and cultural events. In 2015 the Danish writer and photografer Jon Nordstrøm had a tattoo exhibition called ”100 years of tattoo history”, showing pictures of Danish tattoo history. A stunning event that I was lucky enough to visit.

    I think The Round Tower has a lot to offer and is a must-see, if you visit the wonderful Copenhagen.

    Photo: Photo: Kirstine Ploug Instagram plougfotografi
    Makeup & Hair: Vintage Styling Salon Instagram vintagestylingsalon
    Clothes: Mondo Kaos www.mondokaos.dk
    Thank you to: www.rundetaarn.dk

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