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    Silverback Ink® Black Th1rt3en

    The latest (and perhaps greatest) creation from Silverback Ink® is here: introducing the Black Th1rt3en and 3 Shade Grey Wash Series set.

    The viscosities and surface tensions of these tattoos inks are completely different to what Silverback Ink® has made in the past.

    Black Th1rt3en and 3 Shade Grey Wash Series inks have good body to them and fully coat the needle when tattooing. All tattoo inks are easy to fully saturate and clean off your client and tubes.

    Perfect for any tattooing styles, from dot work to portraits!

    This set of four tattoo inks contains Black Th1rt3en, along with three grey washes: Light, Medium, and Dark. The formulations for these grey washes are based on Silverback Ink®’s best-selling Insta10Shade grey washes (2, 4 and 8).

    As with all Silverback Ink®, Black Th1rt3en and 3 Shade Grey Wash tattoo inks are vegan-friendly and comply with EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1.

    Available to order from Killer Ink Tattoo here: https://www.killerinktattoo.dk/newsletter/silverback-th1rt3en

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