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    Rosenborg Castle

    Rosenborg Casle is very special to me, because my kindergarden was located in the castle`s garden The Kings Garden in the heart of Copenhagen. I remember my daily walks in the garden with my dad who was a architect when I was a child, my dad told me stories about the castle and Copenhagens history. This is probably some of the reason I love the castle and the garden so much.


    With its high towers and red brick walls ornamented with sandstone, Rosenborg Castle stands today as a prime example of Christian IV’s many building works, fully formed despite many changes along the way. It was built in the particular Dutch Renaissance style, which became typical of Danish buildings of the period. Christian IV had a great knowledge of architecture and dedicated himself to his building works with life and soul. The king’s personal contribution to Rosenborg is often discussed, but he undoubtedly provided many of the ideas.


    Rosenborg was used as a royal residence until around 1710, when Christian IV’s great-grandchild Frederik IV gave it up in favour of other, more up-to-date summer residences. Instead he had the palace made into the home of the royal collections. This is the reason why there are so many well-preserved interiors, which are quite unique to Rosenborg.
    Originally the palace was arranged so that the private chambers were on the ground floor. The king had the northern end, and the queen the southern. In the middle there was a transverse antechamber, from which a wooden staircase led to the 1st floor. Here the entire southern end was occupied by the “The Red Hall”, which was the ballroom in the first pleasure palace. In the middle section was an antechamber, and at the northern end the king had his audience chamber. The arrangement of rooms around the Great Hall on the 2nd floor is unchanged.

    The 400-year-old Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV whose colourful personality left a strong mark on Danish history. Christian IV loved being in residence at Rosenborg and it quickly became his favourite castle and venue for many important events.


    Today visitors can travel back in time and through the possessions of Christian IV and his heirs get a sense of both everyday life and the festive aspects of royal life through 400 years. The rooms and halls testify to pomp and pageantry, but also to peculiarities, secrets, and a view of the world which was in some ways like ours, and in others very different.


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