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    King’s Garden in Copenhagen

    King’s Garden in central Copenhagen has a very special meaning to me. When I was a child my daycare center was in King’s Garden and many of my childhood memories are related to this beautiful place.

    As I child I used to walk with my father and our two little Yorkshire terriers every day. I remember the rose garden by Rosenborg Castle, where the elderly ladies sat in their nice dresses admiring the beautiful roses and their pretty flowers. There they sat, on the old benches in their pretty dresses, enjoying the sun and the atmosphere. Maybe my passion for dresses began at this early point, in any case I’m a dress girl wearing a dress 360 days of the year.

    My father was an architect who told me the history of Copenhagen and Rosenborg Castle, the latter built Dutch Renaissance style by Christian IV (1577 – 1648). Today I’m quite familiar with the history of Denmark and know that the castle was built in 1606 – 1607. Additions were made in 1613-15, 1616–24 and finally in 1633, creating the magnificent castle we know today.

    I love to walk in King’s Garden, remember my father and sit on a bench in the rose garden. So one day in the fall I put on a nice blue wool dress from Mondo Kaos in Copenhagen and took a walk in King’s Garden.

    Photo: Nicho Opperman: Instagram nicho_oppermann
    Makeup & Hair: Vintage Styling Salon Instagram vintagestylingsalon
    Clothes: Mondo Kaos www.mondokaos.dk

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