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    Too cool for school


    We at Z Tattoo is crazy about the Swedish kids band Civiliants from Stockholm.
    Who make edgy children clothes, this season they have done a collaboration with the swedish artist Kristoffer “ Don Cash “ who have designed the cool tattoo prints.
    So we hooked up with the talented photographer Nicho Opperman and is beautifull daughter Camelia at Bright Side Tattoo at Christianshavn in Copenhagen and took these cool pictures.




    Clothes Civiliants https://ztattoo.com/scary-dating-sites/

    Photo Nicho  Opperman: Instagram https://ztattoo.com/celebrities-dating-non-celebrities/

    Model Camelia

    Location Bright Side Tattoo https://ztattoo.com/dating-a-monster-girl/

    Thank you to Anders for decorating Camelia. Instagram:dating site moco

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