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    Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Video Review

    Watch as Killer Ink Tattoo unboxes, sets-up and reviews the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit tattoo machine and talks you through its features. You can check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGC31KkJOI4

    The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit machine is the complete all-in-one, making it good for all aspects of tattooing.

    It delivers fast strokes and quick punctures, yet remains softer than its counterpart, the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder.

    The HAWK Spirit reacts well to the different skin types and contours and is therefore suitable for every skin type and area. In addition, thanks to the ergonomic handle, it fits well in your hand and due to this can be precisely guided as you are tattooing.

    Cheyenne’s HAWK Spirit is very silent when in operation, which also ensures comfort and stress free work with a low level of vibration.

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