• Style

    Let`s celebrate the Pin – Up Girl !

    Pin up tattoo designs are some of the best examples of elegance and style. She`s flirtatious but fiercely independent. She`s erotic but always safe for work. You’d know her when you see her — the rosy cheeks, bouncy curls, hourglass figure and penchant for thematic lingerie are pretty much a dead giveaway. I hooked up with the amazing danish photografer Kirstine Ploug and the Vintage Styling Salon a sunday morning in Copenhagen, where we took these sassy pictures, to celebrate…

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  • Meet

    Ruben Jordan Langsted

    Ruben Jordan Langsted was born in Norway 30 years ago and moved to Copenhagen 8 years ago. One year after moving, he became an apprentice at the Miks Tattoo studio – the idea to become a tattoo artist came to him after accompanying his future wife, who wanted to get a tattoo, to different studios. Initially an allround tattoo artist, for the last five years Ruben has been focusing exclusively on black & grey, realistic style. What he loves about…

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  • Equipment

    Cheyenne Hawk Pen Tattoo Machine

     The Cheyenne HAWK Pen is an innovative rotary tattoo machine that is shaped like a marker pen and vibrates less than conventional tattoo devices, without sacrificing puncturing power. You can order the Cheyenne HAWK Pen from Killer Ink Tattoo here: https://www.killerinktattoo.co.uk/…

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